GMG CPA was looking to increase it's business and personal client base. We work with them to tell the brand story that included the phrase, "We are your neighbor, your trusted advisor, your CPA." This established both caring and expertise. 

We also developed a series of animations that take business owners through common tax problems. 

Through creating unique content we were able to increase the reach of the brand on all social properties. 


Strada Italiano

Strada Italiano needed great food photography, video and social media help.  We created campaigns that reflected the brands romantic feel. We worked with the restaurant to produce content for their website, social media and print. 


Green Sage Cafe sources food from local farmers. In order to communicate the idea of local and increase the reach of the brand we created Green Sage TV. Through telling the story of the farmers a connection was made with the community increasing web traffic and sales. This fun video shows sorghum syrup production. 

legacy Game systems

Legacy Game Systems wanted to showcase real world game play. We created the tag line "LIve the Game." and produced a short narrative video for Comicon. We wrote cast and directed the film. 




The start up Ripl's focus is accountability for small business owners. By tracking values metrics the business owner can get a score and instruction for improvement. We worked with the brand to develop the ideal target market and produce content to introduce the concept. 



For Social Lounge we produced a series of craft cocktail videos that established the brands authenticity. Getting to know the drinks and bar tenders helped to bring in a younger crowd. We also promoted brunch and late night.