Research and Planning are Important!

The first step of any journey is to understand where you are. Orienting your brand with your target market gives you the ability to make informed decisions. "In order to know where your going you need to know where you have been," said a wise person. It may seem overwhelming to audit the market, to create social media mapping, to have a true competitive analysis and a tactical plan. However, operating on guess work ends up being more costly. At SFTACreative , we meet you where you are. You may simply have an idea, in that case we can help you with the steps to get market and launch. You may have an existing business that needs more customers, we help you find the growth opportunities by listening to what your audience is saying. You, your business and your customers have a lot of information that can help. We find that information and put together a plan that works for you. You will know: What you want to say. Who you want to say it to. How, when and where to say it. 


We call that an Action Plan! You need one.