Facebook Business Pages Changing

Next week facebook will be automatically changing your Facebook business page format if you have not done so yourself. Facebook has many types of pages but the most common are the business page, the services page and the standard page. What appears on each page is designed to be of use to facebook users looking for your business.

One accounting client we work with got the notice that the page would be turned into a services page from a business page. “Most recommended by Facebook for any of our financial institution clients.Designed to help people find your services and get in touch. The Reviews, Offers, Jobs tabs will be visible, and your Pinterest tab will be hidden.”

The business template is “Designed to help you manage your business, including ways to post jobs and special offers. The Reviews, Offers, Jobs, Groups tabs will be visible, and your Services, Events, Pinterest, Shop tabs will be hidden.” If you are using a business page and selling a product you may want to switch to a template that keeps that shop tab intact.

On all templates current ads that the business is running will be visible to consumers and competitors. This is an effort to be more transparent.  We like to think of this as an opportunity to review the facebook strategy and positioning of our clients and to create content that works with the new tabs and structure.

While Facebook will be forcing the change upon businesses on August 22nd, Page owners can switch to the new template at any time. Unfortunately, unlike with past upgrades, Facebook does not appear to allow businesses to preview what the new Page will look like before going live. We suggest that you review your page and your template and create a plan to accommodate the upcoming changes. We are here to help.