Why Content Marketing?

We believe in the old adage "Content is King." Every day millions of people exchange ideas in the form of articles, videos, stories and memes across the world via the internet. If your content is not being exchanged you are not part of the conversation happening in your community. You may have a loyal fan base but you are not growing and engaging new customers. The power of sharing goes beyond simply sending out information to your audience. The amount you are involved in the conversation directly affects how you come in search and the overall credibility of your brand. Not everyone is going to have a viral video, that is not what we advocate. We do believe that useful content gets shared. We do believe that beautiful content gets shared. We want to create a meaningful experience for your audience. 

The offline experience should be captured online and the online experience should be reflected in the face to face interaction with your brand. All your marketing assets are content opportunities, from events to press releases, to your website. There are a lot of moving parts, that is where the strategy portion comes in. It is one thing to create or aggregate a bunch of content. It is quite another to come up with an engagement plan. We test and adjust every step of the way to achieve the best results. 

We work with you to develop the tone and voice of your brand so that it deeply resonates with your audience. There is nothing that drives sales more than a customer who is an advocate. There is a conversation going on about your brand and you need to participate in it. From Yelp to Pinterest to Instagram, platforms are always changing and it is important to know where to put your effort. 

At SFTACreative  we take you through a Discovery Process to we learn  who you are and who  your audience is, and the best ways to empower them. Then we create the assets needed. Next we help you to execute the plan. We follow up with testing to make sure that we are on the right track. SFTA  is your marketing partner. Our desire is for you to meet your goals and beyond.


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