Who We Are.

Noreen: Noreen is our #1 Storyteller. Her experiences in advertising, technology and social/cultural anthropology contribute to the creation of great content. In order to achieve great content you will need a plan. Understanding what you want to say in a way that resonates with your audience is achieved through a proprietary discovery process. SFTA uses social mapping and research to create strategy. You are Awesome and we want to help you let the world know it. 

Grant: Grant is our #1 Creative. As a young boy he began his love of photography and advertising, often spending days in his fathers photography studio in Richmond, Virginia. His passion for art, cuisine and hospitality drives his creative vision. He understands clearly that content is meant to be enjoyed and shared. Working within a strategic framework allows for creative assets to be on brand and on message. SFTA works hard to understand design trends and modern web standards, translating this to the websites and assets that we create. Say Cheese!!!