SFTA Creative treats each client as unique. You are awesome and have great stories to tell that are your own. Our goal is to build a relationship between you and your audience that works. Our credo is “Useful and Beautiful.” We want you to have the right content at the right place at the right time. How does that happen?:


Discovery: We look at your current assets, your competition and what your what audience responds to. We take a sociological approach. Understanding group dynamics and individual motivations in the sales cycle helps define the message and determine what assets are needed.


Strategy: Based on the information gathered in the Discovery process we create a Strategic Document which includes an action plan, content calendar and a list of assets that need to be created.


Implementation: We work with you to create the right assets for your business, information that speaks to the customer at different stages of the buy cycle to engage your audience and empower them to be your advocates. We deploy the assets across social media and traditional media channels.


Training: Some clients want to take on continuing management themselves. We provide training to help you get the most from your audience engagement online and off.


In order to deliver more bang for the buck we operate as a cooperative, virtual agency. We bring together talent professionals to deliver the best product possible. We are not a video company that is trying to sell you on video or a brand company that wants to revamp who you are. We know that you are super, fantastic, terrific and awesome and we want to make your business shine. Our ideal client is ambitious and has a great story. We would love to talk with you. To set an appointment for a consultation please use the contact form below or call number.


We create packages that suit your needs. We look forward to working with you.